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About Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz

Dr. Pomeranz has read over 1,000,000+ MRIs in his career, developed over 20 ACCME accredited courses across 12 text books, DVDs and in-person live courses taught around the world.

As a lifelong learner and educator, Dr. Pomeranz has developed a teaching style that is engaging, inspiring and has trained hundreds of master MRI readers.

Nominated by Aunt Minnie for Most Effective Radiology Educator

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Dr. Pomeranz has taught thousands of radiologists how to become faster, more accurate MRI readers during his career through the numerous textbooks, DVDs and live courses he has taught around the world.

Now, with MRI Online, we’re on a mission to improve patient care worldwide using the power of effective online video training, combined with in-person validation, to produce better radiologist around the globe.

"Dr. Pomeranz is an incredible teacher — seeing how an MSK expert approaches and reads each study has been immensely valuable for me. I increased my speed and confidence in MSK very quickly. I highly recommend this course"

Dr. David Downs

MSK subspecialist, Springfield, IL, USA

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  • Live courses with Dr. Pomeranz (previous courses: Toronto, Melbourne, NYC, Vancouver, Sydney, Barcelona and more).
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"I have found your educational emails extremely useful in my daily practice. On this occasion, it was timely and had to addend a report to include the meniscal fascicle tear which I had initially missed. Keep them coming!"

Dr. Roy Thomas

Senior Staff Specialist Radiologist at Northern Sydney Central Coast Health, Australia

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