Program Updates

Founded by Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz, ProScan Education is recognized as one of the world’s leading training centers for healthcare specialists in MRI and other advanced imaging modalities.

Over the last 20 years we have been developing new strategies to educate imaging specialists. From text books & DVDs to live courses to long-term intensive fellowship programs, we have vast experience in training world-class radiologists.

Then, in 2017, we made a massive breakthrough in our educational method. Drawing from our experience of overcoming technical hurdles and creating rich and unique content, we developed our greatest educational experience to date — MRI Online.

With this new platform, we've taken the learning experience to a whole new level.

Our versatile program features:

  • Clinical case review
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder learning with Dr. Pomeranz
  • Detailed anatomy diagrams
  • Hand drawn notations integrated into the learning

NEW! MSK Masters Series

Hip - 2.5 CME - 8 Clinical Cases
Elbow - 3 CME - 19 Clinical Cases
Shoulder - 1.5 CME - 6 Clinical Cases
Meniscus - 1.75 CME - 9 Clinical Cases
Ankle - 6 CME - 23 Clinical Cases
Thumb - 2 CME - 11 Clinical Cases
Wrist - 4 CME - 19 Clinical Cases

Total: 20.75 hours of new MSK content

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