MRI Mastery Series: Prostate

1 Series | 6 CME

6 CME | 60 Vignettes

The first two videos of each section are available for a sneak-preview.

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Introduction to Prostate Imaging

"I have attended many CME courses, and this is the best. Loaded with practical information that can be used immediately. Being able to review the cases on your own, contemporaneously with Dr. Pomeranz, enhances the educational experience. Brought my interpretative skills in Prostate MRI to a higher level of sophistication. Highly recommended."

- Dr. Peter Curatolo, Chief Radiologist / Medical Director at Beverly Hospital, Massachusetts

Course Overview

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of male cancer deaths worldwide. About 250,000 cases occur per year in the USA alone, resulting in 26,730 deaths according to the American Cancer Society.

As health systems around the world adopt MRI as the preferred method to assess, diagnose and monitor the progression of prostate cancer, the demand has increased for detailed educational material for radiologists who read prostate MRs.

In this course, taught by world renowned radiologist and educator, Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to to assess and diagnose prostate cancer using MRI.

This self-paced online course contains 60 lectures and offers 6 CME points upon completion. You can access the course anytime, on any device, pick up where you leave off, and receive a CME certificate at the end.

What's Included in this Course?

You will learn the anatomy of the prostate, how to interpret MRI, the PI-RADS version 2 scoring system to classify tumors, and review multiple cases demonstrating each type of tumor.

Prostate Anatomy on MRI

  • What sequences to use
  • Zonal anatomy
  • Coronal, Axial, Sagittal anatomy

PI-RADS Version 2 (Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System)

  • Applying PI-RADS scoring in the peripheral zone and transition zone
  • T-Staging
  • Assessments for DCE, TZ, PZ

Evaluating BPH

  • Define benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Categorizing BPH
  • Pitfalls

Prostate Case Review

  • Multiple examples of all PI-RADS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Misread PI-RADS cases
  • How to handle a situation where diffusion sequence fails
  • When, and when not, to use the Leikert scoring system
  • Surveillance MR

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is ideal for all Residents, Fellows and especially Attending Radiologists who need to learn how to read prostate MR for their practice.

Course Length & CME Information

This course takes roughly 6 hours to complete and is broken into 4 sections: Anatomy, PI-RADS Scoring, Evaluating BPH and concludes with 23 Case Review vignettes where we will demonstrate all of the learnings points using real cases we’ve read at ProScan.

ProScan Education is accredited by the ACCME to issue CME credit for this learning activity.

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Prostate Power Pack

Ready to apply what you've learned? Read 25 unique prostate cases on your own in our diagnostic web viewer. Test your knowledge and earn 12.5 CME.

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"I really enjoy this format over the standard lecture format. The interaction, and the practice looking at cases cold is so much more effective than watching someone show you pictures for hours. I love it."

- Dr. Derek Archer, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging, Trillium Health Partners, Ontario

Course Curriculum

6 CME | 60 Vignettes

The first two videos of each section are available for a sneak-preview.

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